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Discover just how easy it is to drive more sales with beam.
Apply for a *free pilot to see how a partnership with beam can support your business needs.

  • our team visits your factory or warehouse and scans 10 different pieces of furniture from your collection

  • back in the office, we digitize 20 of your selected material samples

  • we create a digital twin of each scanned piece of furniture and generate a custom configurator of your compatible materials

  • we set up the cloud-based infrastructure to make all of the assets accessible 

  • we provide your company with a free license for beam.web, which can be easily integrated with your website, and beam.showroom, which runs on tablet devices

*decision subject to beam approval. Offer limited to 3 companies.

For non-service-related inquiries, please email us at

Fill out the form below to apply for your free pilot today. 

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