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Rebooting retail for the digital age.

beam is an end-to-end solution for all of your high-end furniture digitization needs. From scanning your products to developing applications for your website and showroom. beam does it all.

#1 Digitize.


We digitize your furniture portfolio

A digital twin of your furniture is created in a quality never before seen.

We scan your furniture on the spot at your factory, showroom, or warehouse with our portable scanner. The procedure is carried out by our experienced technicians who ensure that every detail of your products is captured. And we do all this without ever touching your furniture.


The digital twins represent the accuracy of +/- 1 mm compared to reality, including the finest textures of leathers and fabrics. You receive the results without endless feedback loops with modellers, thanks to the outstanding accuracy.


​Get results from beam faster than from any other provider.
On-site scanning typically takes 5 working days for a portfolio of 200 models, including variations. Processing the data and creating the digital twins is finished within 6-8 weeks.

Our service covers all types of high-end furniture, including sofas, chairs, armchairs, tables, beds, and storage systems. All you have to do is to provide access to your products.

We digitize your material library

We scan and process all materials in which your furniture is available.

​Once you've provided us with the available material samples for your brand, we scan them in our proprietary high-end material scanner. It can generate up to 200 high-quality digital material samples in a single day.


The data is then processed by an automated production pipeline. During the final quality assessment, the digital copy of each material is verified by one of our highly trained materials specialists without the slightest compromise on quality.

Your digitized materials will have seamless textures with a tactile feel, reflecting the true behavior of the material with light. You will feel the dark and light shade of velvet depending on the position of the light source and your viewpoint as if you were looking at velvet in real life.  


We guarantee you a consistent, high-quality result due to the high sensitivity and automation of the technology. All you need to do is to provide us with the same material samples that you provide to your retailers.

We digitize your meta-data

We process all your background information
for successful sales.

By digitizing your price lists and further sales support data (product specifications, availability, contacts), we make relevant and up-to-date information available and applicable immediately where it is needed online and in the showroom. On request, we digitize any other information that is essential for your brand to be successful in sales.

We are taking into account all possible configuration options, in addition to furniture and materials combinations. beam does not just digitize descriptions but processes the logic of your rules, to make all data available where and when it is needed, in a format that is relevant to the sales process.


Manage your product portfolio from a single source that is instantly accessible and easy to use. If you change the price or the availability of your furniture and materials, there is no need for complicated and time-consuming updates, just enter the new data once! All your retailers can retrieve the information they need immediately.

Configure & visualize in real-time with lifelike quality

All your digital assets are made available for download by architects, retailers, etc. in standard formats (dwg, obj). In addition, they are also available in the proprietary beam.ray format, which is used in beam's web & showroom applications.


beam.ray combines the advantages of standard visualization solutions: the real-time behaviour of low-quality rasterization solutions with the lifelike visual quality and accuracy of ray-tracing. It is is the only solution that enables users to customize any furniture and see a lifelike 360-degree photo of the selected combination instantly.

#2  Publish.

We manage all of your digital assets in a secure cloud

​We provide infrastructure for storing and publishing your complete digital inventory. As a result, all digital assets are downloadable by your team at any time.


Elect to make any and all of your digital assets available for download by your partners, clients, and the beam applications.

Always accessible anytime, anywhere

Whether your designers, architects, or retailers are located in Europe, North America, Asia, or anywhere else in the world, we guarantee the same instant access to your digital assets from any location. 

beam works with the world's leading cloud provider. As a result, we offer our customers high reliability and fast response times, while ensuring scalability. In addition to outstanding speed, we provide a high level of security and data backup.

Boot engagement and sales

#3  Boost engagement & sales.

Increase engagement through beam.web

Provide an immersive experience from the start of your clients' purchasing journey to drive more leads to your retailers.

Boost sales

Relieve your retailers from administrative burdens and provide a seamless experience for your clients in the showroom.


When good is not good enough.

Discover the
power of beam

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