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Inspire the emotions that drive decisions

beam enables high-end furniture brands and retailers to better navigate the new frontier of retail where the best of physical and digital come together to delight in the showroom and online.

Increase success in the showroom.


High-end furniture clients expect to be delighted in the showroom. beam supports brands to lift each client's journey to the next level in the retailer's stores.


No more endless meetings spent turning catalogue pages and looking at small material samples. Instead, clients can view all individual configurations in lifelike quality, instantly on tablets or large screens.


With beam, clients find their perfect fit with more confidence in less time.


Delight potential clients

Facilitate the selection process for your products and materials and let clients shop with confidence in the showroom.

Free your sales people from administrative work

With less sales preparation, paperwork, and product training required for your retailers, selling your products becomes nearly effortless.


Become the favorite
brand of your retailers

Secure your place as a favorite among retailers. beam's distinctive digital quality and ease of use will highlight the uniqueness of your collections.

Enhance online engagement.


Skyrocket your brand's online presence and help clients get the most out of their digital journey on your website. Thanks to beam's realistic digitization of your portfolio, you can easily reach your audience and increase interest in your unique brand and collections.


We enable clients to explore products from any angle, eliminating the gap between expectations and reality. Amaze your potential clients with effortless customization options and inspire visits
to the nearest showroom.

Purchasing decisions start at home

Be there from the first moment. Clients who browse your high-end furniture online will experience the same quality and "journey" of a showroom, enabling you to build trust and improve brand recognition. Provide customers a useful way to see all product details and configurations.

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Boost engagement

Raise your website’s authority and increase the time users spend on your site with engaging, interactive configurations. Collect requests, respond to inquiries, and gather insights on your market and client behavior, all from one convenient platform.

Lead prospects to the showroom

Captivate your clients' imaginations online to guide them to the showroom with purpose. Let your audience choose when and how to visit you among your network of retailers. Finalize configurations and purchases face-to-face for more successful sales and satisfied clients.


When good is not good enough.

Discover the
power of beam

Your free pilot is only one click away

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