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Why do You need a high-end 3D Configurator?

High-end furniture is the market segment that is going to be most impacted by the extensive implementation of new digitization models & 3D configurators. High-end clients look for new ways to improve the purchase experience in the showroom and online.

What are the benefits of high-end 3D Configurators?

Benefits for brands

  • Shorten lead times

  • Improve design accuracy

  • Create an unlimited number of options and sell products never physically produced before

  • Optimize your production process

  • Expand retailers' network faster

  • Use product renderings formarketing purposes instead of expensive product photography

Benefits for Customers

  • Enjoy an immersive, compelling customer experience any time and in any place (showroom & online)

  • View every potential option from a massive product catalogue in realistic 3D

  • Satisfy their unique needs and demands with totally custom products

  • Get a deep, visual understanding of complex products and take direct ownership of their choices

  • Immediate CPQ - Configure, Price and Quote

However, not all the 3D tools currently available in the market are really satisfying Clients’ needs nor configurators are delivering life-like quality in the high-end segment. How can we support them?

beam. enables high-end furniture brands and retailers to better navigate the new frontier of retail where the best of physical and digital come together, directly in the showroom.

Some data:

  • 20% of consumers are willing to pay up to 20% more for products they can view in 3D (deloitte)

  • 80% of consumers say the experience of buying is as or more important as the product purchased (gartner)

  • 40% of shoppers returned a product due to inaccurate product visuals (retaildive)

  • Conversion rates increase by 250% when consumers viewed 3D products (mckinsey)

Discover how virtual become real.

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