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No, it’s not a photo.

Digitally showcase your furniture as close to reality as it gets. 


The first 3D configurator
specially designed for high-end furniture

As close to reality as it gets.

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Support your clients and retailers in the selection process of your furniture and materials.


Visualize any combination of your products and materials with a touch of a button.


Drive emotions by providing a lifelike experience of your products in the digital world.

Customize individual pieces

Let your clients shop with confidence. Your clients can select any possible material combination for any piece from your portfolio. The result is instantly showcased in lifelike quality and can be viewed from every angle. 

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Configure entire compositions

Create a space your client will fall in love with for years to come. Your clients can design custom furniture arrangements from your collections and change the material for multiple pieces at once to quickly update the look and feel of the entire room.

Explore materials in every detail

Display each of your materials in true to life detail. Your clients no longer need to imagine what a fabric sample might look like on the furniture when realistic results are available immediately.

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Experience the final design with Augmented Reality

Let your clients see the final design in their own space. With the power of augmented reality (AR), your clients can easily adjust the position and orientation of the furniture to find the best fit for their room.

beam partners are always a step ahead.

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“With beam we have found the best possible partner for the implementation of our digitization strategy. A company that understands and shares our values and appreciation for masterful craftsmanship and perfection."

Dr. Alexander Sova, CEO Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten

When good is not good enough.

Discover the
power of beam

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